The Duka Theme

The Duka theme

The Duka theme

Theme Documentation
i. Installation
The Duka Theme is a Premium WordPress theme that you install in addition to DukaPress. You can purchase the theme here:

Here is how to install a WordPress theme:

Once installed and activated, the Duka Theme is ready for use!

ii. Setting Up
The Duka Theme is a WordPress e-commerce theme that is built to work with DukaPress. DukaPress is a WordPress e-commerce plugin. Therefore, to correctly set up the Duka Theme, you must first correctly set up DukaPress. Please consult the DukaPress documentation on how to do this. Useful links:

iii. DukaPress Styles
The Duka Theme includes a free copy of DukaPress Styles. This is a tool that you can use to easily change the look and feel of your shop. Useful links:

iv. Page Templates
The DukaTheme includes three page templates:

  1. Default Template – see live example
  2. Two Sidebars Template – see live example
  3. Full WidthTemplate – see live example

v. Widget-ready Areas (Sidebars)
The theme supports three areas in which you can place your widgets:

  • Left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • Footer widget area

vi. How to show products on the home page
The first step is to create a page to serve as your new home page:

  1. In your WP control panel, select the Pages tab.
  2. Click on Add New.
  3. Give the page a title, “My Products Page.”
  4. Create the content for your home page. Us the grid display shortcode to create “products page” using DukaPress.
  5. Click the Publish button.

Now you’re ready tell WP to use your new page as the home page:
1. In the Settings panel on the left navigation select Reading.
2. At the top of the Reading Options subpanel you’ll see:

set home page

set home page

3. To change the front page to your new home page, select “A static page” for Front page displays.
4. Select your desired page from the Front page drop down menu

vii. Creating a blog page
The procedure to follow is identical to part vi above:

  1. Create a new page to serve as your blogs page
  2. Go to “Reading Settings” in WordPress admin
  3. Select your blogs page from under the “Posts Page” drop down menu

viii. Product Category Pages
The DukaTheme categories automatically list products in a grid view. See example. All you have to do to create product category pages is to, well, add your products to a particular category. Simple.

ix. Blog Category Pages
To display categories for your shop’s blog posts, you can do one of two things:

  1. Add your blog posts to a category named “Blog” (the category slug should be strictly blog for this to work)
  2. Inside the DukaTheme directory, there is a file named category-blog.php. This is the template file that is used to display blog posts on category pages. You can rename it to be something like category-ID.php in order to dislay any category of blog posts. Please note that the ID should be replaced with a number corresponding to the category ID. i.e. the filename should be something like catyegory-1.php, category-25.php etc

x. Logo & Favicon
To change the logo or favicon, just simply change the images logo.png and favicon.png which can be found inside Duka Theme’s images folder.